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Life doesn’t always go as planned-don’t we all know it!   With on-board electricity, water and sewage, not to mention entertainment, RV’s can be the perfect accommodation for that temporary housing need, whether unexpected or planned.    We can never say we’ve seen it all, but some of the non-recreation uses we’ve seen include, Disaster Relief housing, Home Developers, Home restoration, event blue rooms, or temporary command and control residence for on-site managers or personnel.  Whether able to pick up at our location, or need the RV delivered to your location, Suncoast RV Rental is here to meet your need. 

Temporary ON-SITE Sales or Admin Offices:

  • Housing Development On-site Sales: Wow! this is how Suncoast RV Rental got its start. During the Housing Boom of 2005-2007, many national home developers such as KB Homes, Tower Home, US, Ryan, Highland Homes and list of others reached out to Suncoast to provide temporary sales office before their model homes could be built and permitted. In several cases, much of a development would be built and sold before the model was even permitted.  Once the model home was completed, it’s so easy to move the vehicle from one development to another. 
  • On-site administration: In other cases, businesses in the final phase of construction, have temporary need of on-site administration and management preparing to open. Maybe the need is only for a week or two, not long enough for a typical “construction” type trailer which usually have longer contract requirements.  RV’s are perfect to bridge the gap, especially for on-site recruitment.  Of course, sometime the unexpected happens, we’ve had a request for temporary need for a large manufacturing facility that lost power and needed on-site self-contained offices for a large recruiting campaign until power was restored.

Temporary Housing: Whether you need housing for yourself during a home renovation project, or your providing re-construction relief services, RV’s fit the bill.

  • Home renovation: Picture this, your home was flooded or damaged by a fire, or you just want to renovate. You’re not able to reside in the home with the work going on.  There are any number of reasons we find people still to be close to home maybe you work from home, and other office space isn’t available or you maybe you just want to be there to be to oversee the work is getting done the way you want when you want.   staying on-site in an RV allows you to do just that.
  • Guests: You have guests coming the week and you don’t have room for everyone, or maybe it’s that one relative who really needs to “have their own space”.    Park the RV in the drive (HOA permitting, most do for short term).  You get to continue living a somewhat normal life and your guests feel less intrusive and more comfortable.
  • Disaster Relief: Every year millions of people are affected by natural disasters, and in Florida, sometime, somewhere you can count on a major Natural Disasters every year.  RVs are perfect for on-site on-demand housing.  Suncoast RV Rental is proud to have provided support for FEMA, as well as host of utility companies, and independent tree and carpentry services.  As you finish one job, the RV goes with you to the next, rather than packing up from one hotel to another.  

Event Hospitality Suites:

  • Hospitality Suites: Hosting an event for your important clients? RV’s make terrific hospitality suites. RVs provide a casual living room environment on site, with a kitchen appliances on board for keeping a stock of refreshments on hand.  In many cases, you’ll be able to park right next to the action, racetracks and music festivals are perfect examples.  Suncoast is proud to have provided units for both professional and amateur events at Daytona and Sebring International Raceways, for spectators and participants alike.   
  • Green and Staffing Rooms: Promoting a cultural event?  Motorhomes, make the perfect Green Rooms for your talent, where they can rest in comfort before they go on and provide a refuge after their performance.   Events don’t just happen; they take a lot of people to be sure they off without a hitch.  You need housing on-site for your staff, whether they are on-site only while preparing or maybe they need to be on-site 24/7, RV’s foot the bill.
  • Weddings: With on-location wedding being more frequent, the wedding participants have a place to escape the elements (heat or rain) while preparing for the main event in airconditioned comfort.

 The above is just a short list of the many uses for RV’s, beyond the traditional vacation, your imagination is the only limit.   Reach out to Suncoast RV Rental to learn how we can best fit what you need – Suncoast RV Rental – Live IN the Adventure!