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Suncoast RV Rental offers Lakeland RV Rentals

Rent an RV  for Your Next Lakeland Vacation. There’s no better way to try before you buy than by renting an RV to Lakeland. Many people rent RVs to Lakeland simply for a change of pace by taking an RV trip to a special event or destination. 

Suncoast RV Rental is the starting point of your journey. With Lakeland RV Rentals, let the expertise of our family help guide you in your quest for adventure!  Our team cares, and we show it.  From booking to return, Lakeland RV Rentals are a great starting place to make the best of your journey!  And it all starts with Suncoast RV Rental.

We give you the option of picking up your RV at our Tampa location or we can deliver it to you in Lakeland for an additional fee and even set it up at the campsite to make your vacation even easier!

They say it’s all about the journey…

And with Lakeland RV Rentals, ‘they’ couldn’t be more correct! With your own RV Rental from Suncoast RV, the world is your oyster.  Explore. Make stops. Smell the flowers along the way! (watch out for the gators!)  Whether you are a family looking to see nature, race fans ready to see a race in Sebring or Daytona, or even Charlotte, North Carolina, we have the PERFECT RV for you! Renting an RV or motorhome is a lot more practical and inexpensive than you might think! Our competitive rates and late model RVs and Motorhomes in Lakeland are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Book early so we can get you on the road!

Suncoast RV Rental: A Family Owned & Operated RV Rental Company

Even with gas prices on the rise, renting an RV still make good cents! The money you save on hotels and dining more than make up for the money you spend on gas. And the itinerary is TOTALLY UP TO YOU!  With features like sliders and awnings, our Lakeland RV Rentals make your RV into a home… You can treat your Lakeland RV rental like a rental car. Make sure to follow the directions of the rental operator to avoid any excess charges for damages or cleanup, etc.

Where Can You Go With Your Lakeland RV Rental? Where CAN’T you go!

With state of the art equipment onboard our RVs, it’s never been simpler to sign, drive and enjoy! Suncoast RV Rental has a wide selection of RVs to choose from and often times with you can opt for the latest models. These have features that will enhance your travel experience.  Call Suncoast RV Rental and ask about the inventory we have for that special holiday time you want to rent.

Public Campground Usage and Lakeland RV Rental

You’ll find that in Florida, you’ll need a permit in order to camp legally on public grounds. This includes all national parks, designated campgrounds and specially marked parks. If you have a destination in mind, you might want to check with a park authority to see if you can put an RV there overnight. You can apply for a permit online. Depending on where you go, you might be able to get a temporary permit at the location. Plan ahead with your itinerary and make the calls BEFORE you travel.

Use this checklist for understanding what you need in terms of services and facilities.
  • Is there a method for sewage disposal, or do you have to dispose elsewhere?
  • Is there are a source of 30 or 50 amp electrical services, or will you have to use a battery?
  • Do you have to observe campground rules on food to prevent wild animals from causing problems?
  • Is there a restriction on light pollution after dark?
Go online to the site you want to travel to.  Most all of that information is posted on the website.  If not, call to make sure…

Want to travel the road more traveled and get more amenities?

Suncoast RV recommends RV Resorts. They are the ‘step above’ campgrounds and parks. With amenities that include recreational areas, electric, sewer hookups and pools, you can find several in the Lakeland. Some boast entertainment and although the cost may be higher, you’re living the life!

Your personalized itinerary

Plan ahead for your RV Rental.  As you travel, make sure you make note of anything that might go wrong on the RV.  Pictures help, so feel free to take as many pictures as you like! Check out all the fantastic places you might want to travel to, and make a map, complete with time frames, so you make the BEST use of your time.  Whether you are with your family or just in it for the ride, planning will take away the worry associated with finding the right place to stay for a day or two. Learn some basic repairs and operational guidelines before you get on the road so you’re prepared in case anything goes wrong.  Treat your RV like a Rental Car!  Return it in the same condition as when it left our lot!  We don’t want to charge you extra.  We want your journey to be a happy one, and we stand by our RV Rental vehicles 100%.

Suncoast RV Rental is standing by for your phone call, text, email or chat with us online.  No matter if you are in Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Sebring, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, on the Spacecoast or in South Florida, in Sarasota, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Port Charlotte or Ocala, we have you covered. We want to help you make memories. And we do it, one trip at a time!