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Just like a beach home, most people enjoy their motorhome only a few times per year. So just like a second home, why not earn money instead of letting it sit in storage? That’s what the Suncoast RV Management Program is designed for.

Benefits to Owners

  • Income: Just like a vacation home, why let the home sit and cost you money. We manage the rental of our clients’ homes to provide extra income.
  • Business advantages: If properly structured you may be able to deduct your insurance, maintenance costs, even upgrades, interest, and a significant amount of depreciation.
  • Reduced storage charge: As long as the motorhome is rented at least once during the month, storage is free. If, in the unusual case, the motorhome is not in use in a given month, cost of storage is very competitive.

Consult your professional business or tax advisor to determine if or how such advantages apply to your situation. This is not intended to provide legal or tax advice.Questions Owners Frequently Ask

Understandably, many owners have questions about the care and protection of their motorhome.

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  • Renters: We complete a DMV investigation not only on each renter but on each registered driver as well. Only those people who are registered are allowed to drive the unit.
  • Renter’s responsibility: Upon acceptance of the reservation, each renter pays a security deposit and credit card authorization to protect against damages. Accidental damages are protected by renters insurance which is obtained at time of rental. In the case of some commercial renters, binders are obtained from the business’ insurance carriers.
  • Insurance: When your vehicle is added to our fleet, your unit will become part of Suncoast’s RV coverage. There is an initial deposit required, and thereafter a monthly charge depending on the value of the home. As mentioned in Renter’s Responsibility, the renter is also required to maintain coverage at their own expense while the RV is rented.
  • Maintenance: Each unit is thoroughly inspected when your RV first becomes a member of our fleet. At that time, repairs or routine maintenance are made current before allowing the RV to be rented, to assure maximum safety. After that, we assure your motorhome is maintained on a regular basis. We work closely with a certified RV Service Center to make sure any needed repairs are done in a professional manner. We also have the unit professionally cleaned inside and out, between each rental.
  • Agreement termination: Should you decide you want to sell the unit, or simply have it available for your own full-time use, you can terminate the agreement with just a 60-day notice.
  • Personal use: We will always do our best to accommodate any request you have. However, as many rentals are arranged 60 days in advance, we request a 60-day notice for your personal use.

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