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Once you’ve decided to take a much-needed break, you need to choose between a traditional vacation and an RV trip. Both models have their perks, but there are a number of areas where RVing has clear and obvious advantages. One of the most important benefits of traveling by vehicle is the lower cost. If you play your cards right, abandoning traditional travel will help you save big. When budgets are tight, RVs allow you to take your family on the road without breaking the bank.

Breakdown: Why an RV Family Vacation is Cheaper than Traditional Options

When you analyze the situation carefully, it becomes obvious that an RV vacation is a money-saver for a family of four. Here are the reasons why.

Only Significant Costs: Rental, Campsites, Gasoline

As with any trip, there are of course costs associated with traveling by RV. The main expenses are the vehicle rental, gasoline, and campsites. While these aren’t necessarily cheap, they’ll seem like a bargain compared to the costs of a standard Florida vacation.

No Need to Pay for Lodging

Even economical chain motels are expensive, and the nicer hotels tend to cost a fortune. Some families accept these costs as a necessary part of their trip, but by renting a vehicle you cut this expense out of your trip. Hookup sites at campgrounds are much, much cheaper than a room in a motel, so you’re bound to come out ahead.

Save on Food

When you’re staying in a hotel without a kitchen, you’re forced to eat out for all your meals. When you’ve got your own kitchen in your vehicle, you can buy and prepare your own food. By stocking up in a grocery store and only eating out on special occasions, you put a serious dent in your food-related expenses.

There is no additional cost for eating out as you can prepare your normal meals in an RV.

No Need to Pay for Air Travel

Plane tickets are expensive, especially when you’re traveling with a family of four. Planes might make sense for solo travel, but with a group of people you come out way ahead by renting a vehicle. Instead of a ticket for each passenger, you pay for the same amount of gas no matter how many people are on board.

Other advantages of RVing

Not only are RV family vacations cheaper, but they also bring a number of other benefits. Listed below are the most consequential advantages.

More Freedom

When you have your own vehicle, you have the freedom to do exactly what you want on your vacation. No longer are you limited to destinations with shuttle buses or public transportation. You can stay off the beaten track and see parts of the Sunshine State that are out of reach to traditional vacationers.

Make Stops on the Road

There are likely all sorts of exciting attractions and gorgeous landscapes between your hometown and your destination. When you travel by plane, you arrive in Florida without the chance to visit all the beautiful places the road has to offer. With your own vehicle you can travel at your own pace, finding all sorts of hidden gems along the highway.

Take All Your Toys

When you RV, you have a lot more space than car and air travel. Take all the toys your family needs to have a great vacation – from bikes to board games, their is space for it all in an RV!

Bring all your toys on a RV Family Vacation!

Unique Experience

Traveling with a camper or similar vehicle produces a different type of experience. There’s something special about hitting the open road with your family all strapped in together. An RV vacation is sure to create all sorts of marvelous memories: family meals in the great outdoors outside the vehicle, unexpected friendships with neighbors at the campground, late nights talking under the stars, and so much more.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

You might think that driving is bad for the environment but bringing your rental vehicle to Florida actually leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than traveling by plane. Jet fuel is hardly clean and flying across the country contributes to the climate change crisis that’s devastating our planet. When you opt to drive to Florida, you’re doing the planet and your wallet a favor at the same time.

There’s something special about a family vacation. Sharing new experiences with the people you love and seeing them outside of your normal routine strengthens bonds and makes relationships better. It also provides something to look forward to in the months before the trip and countless memories in the months and years after. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still make your Florida dream a reality. Ditch the traditional vacation model and consider RVing instead. You’ll have all the fun of a standard vacation but at a fraction of the cost.


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