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Article by Thor Motorcoach

Louisiana has so much to offer: museums, plantations, history, swamps, fishing, and so much more.

You simply cannot visit Louisiana without experiencing New Orleans, especially the French Quarter. In this historic and exciting neighborhood, you can party on Bourbon Street, sip champagne on Royal Street, and do everything else in between. Beautiful gardens and impressive architecture are sure to bring a smile to the grumpiest demeanors. There is something to enjoy every place you look: voodoo shrines, Jackson Square, live music, and boutique shopping. Strolling colorful neighborhoods is fascinating and unique. The list goes on and on.

RVs allow you to meld with the unusual beauty of Louisiana as you travel across the state. Get a feel for Antebellum New Orleans by visiting restored plantations, where you can meander among moss-covered oak trees, gorgeous vintage rooms, tree-shaded grounds, and wonderful architecture. Hear tales of past owners that will tickle the interest and curiosity of the history buff.

Experience the Cajun culture of Lake Charles in Southwest Louisiana, which attracts travelers for its art and culture, history, music, casinos, and more. A blossoming art community – with dances, theatre, music, exhibitions, and festivals – is central to the city. Numerous attractions are available for the whole family in this extraordinary state. One of the state’s natural wonders is the 180-mile long Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, where you can observe marshlands, beaches, and alligators.

Another interesting destination is Avery Island, where Tabasco sauce originated. Tour the facility and take away a small sample of this spicy product. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the verdant, tropical setting of the 170- acre Jungle Gardens, where you can become engrossed in the flora and fauna of the area.

Travelers in motorhomes find they can slow down and smell the roses. Move back in time as you encounter the past through historic homes, parks, and preserves. A Class A motorhome or a Class C motorhome will give you all the comforts you deserve and a place to return at the end of a long, engaging day of eating, touring, and strolling through some of the most unique places in the country. Time on the road is well spent when you have all of the essential paraphernalia to help you enjoy your travels. To accommodate the needed gear, consider a Class A toy hauler or an RUV (recreational utility vehicle), if your plans run more toward off-road pleasures.

Louisiana has big cities, small towns and living historic villages. Scenic byways, such as the Cajun Corridor Byway in the southwest part of the state, spans 33 miles of some of the most remarkable scenery found anyplace. Stop along the way and appreciate the state’s culture through its diverse food and music.

Motorhomes powered by either gas or diesel will equally deliver the comfort you seek. The diesel RV will give you better gas mileage if you plan to travel great distances, but a gas RV is just as viable for the average traveler’s needs. RVs are less expensive than flying, renting cars, and staying at hotels. Not only that, but traveling by RV gives you a sense of familiarity and helps you feel “at home.” Moving from one hotel to another and the stresses of flying from place to place are tiresome, and that takes away from the enjoyment of the trip.