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Whether you are new to RVing or have been doing it a while, managing the amount of power used at one time can be tricky. The first thing to understand that 50 amps is still 50 amps and 30 amps is still 30 amps when plugged in to shore power at an RV park or running the generator. 


The chart below shows commonly used items and the power required to operate each (these are rough estimates). 

Air Conditioning      

15-20 amps**

Electric Hot Water Heater

12 amps

Microwave (1500 watt)

7 amps

Coffee Pot

5 amps

Keurig Coffee Pot

7 amps**


8 amps

Space Heater

10 amps

Hair Dryer

12 amps

Crock Pot

2 amps or less

InstantPot (6 quarts)

5 amps

Computer/Gaming Equpment

2-3 amps

Gaming Equipment


**Some items, such as A/C and Keurig, double in power when first turned on. That is why, if you RV has two A/C units, you should start one and let it run for about 5 minutes before starting the second A/C unit.

An RV-approved plug (30 or 50 amp) is a more stable as the generator power output is negatively affected by altitude and temperature. Power decreases for each 1,000 ft. of altitude above 500 ft.; at 4500 ft., the generator has almost 5 less amps of power. Extreme temperatures also cause generator power loss. For each 10 degrees above 77 degrees, power decreases by one percent. Something to consider when traveling to the mountains, out west or places with extreme high temperatures like Arizona and Nevada.