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These days, with the internet, it seems you can rent an RV from just about anyone.  As with any purchase, understanding what you are buying and knowing who you are working with helps assure an exceptional experience.  With economy booming as it is, there is a growing interest in RV Rentals by both folks looking for the RV experience and family memories, and those who have RV’s but no longer use them for whatever reason.

Most recently, there are a number of peer to peer (P2P) companies marketing RV rentals.  If you look closely at the various RV’s for rent, you will see there is a wide discrepancy in what is being offered.  The Peer to Peer companies claim to be the largest rental organizations in the industry really don’t rent anything.  They are, in fact, brokers who develop a long list of privately-owned RVs’ and provide this to people wanting to rent an RV, but the rental is actually done with the individual owner and the broker never sees the coach, only has a description and a picture.  In most cases, these are in fact used coaches and the owner has decided to try to make some money.  The average age of RVs marketed by the two largest P2P brokers are between 2005 to 2008 models.  In renting from one of the RV’s represented by these brokers, you are dealing with the owner and policies of the owner.  Frequently P2P advertising may state unlimited mileage and generator service when, in fact, most of the owners have a mileage and generator charge.  Example: 100 free miles per day and 35 cents a mile charge afterward, and, allow 3-4 hours of free generator use, and charge up to $3/hour after that.

There are also RV rental centers that do in fact rent RV’s direct out of their facility, but here again, know what you are renting; is the company utilizing coaches that are privately owned?; how old are they?  Some do not charge mileage and/or generator fees, but many do; be sure to ask the right questions.

At Suncoast RV Rental, the majority of our coaches are purchased new directly from the manufacturer to our specifications; as our experience has taught us what holds up and what doesn’t.  At present, most of our Class C and Class A units are 2018 or 2019’s.  We offer free mileage and generator service.  Renting a newer RV purchased directly from the factory is better than renting a used coach from one of our competitors.

As we said at the opening, the more you know, the better your decision, but most importantly, the better your family memories.

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