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Maybe you have seen RVs rambling down the road, and you wonder, “Why do people do that? Could I do that?” Maybe you need a change and suspect that traveling in an RV with your family would be just the ticket. Taking a trip in a rental RV is an adventure you will not soon forget. But how do you plan your first RV trip? Here are some RV tips to help you make your first RV experience a success.

Time and Distance

Unless you are fortunate, your trip probably has a time limit. Most RV experts recommend that you don’t plan a long trip for your inaugural adventure. A first RV trip is a learning experience. You will be driving an unfamiliar rental RV to the unfamiliar world of an RV Campground. Plan a modest, one-location trip. Drive for less than one full day. Spend 2 or 3 days at that location. Drive home.

How Far is Too Far?

Do not plan on driving more than 8 hours in one day. Driving is not a vacation. It is a means to an end. Don’t spend your whole vacation driving. The intention is to have fun. Unless you have a specific goal that you want to reach, find a location that you can reach in 8 hours or less. If we assume the average speed limit is 65 MPH, that will give you a radius of about 500 miles. That is a MAXIMUM !!!

The Multi-Trip Plan

If your goal is farther than one day of driving, plan on breaking the trip into parts. Schedule two or three points of interest that you can stop at in route to your ultimate goal. Spend two or three days at each location. Part of the RV lifestyle is traveling the back roads along the way. See the country. There are tons of great State Parks, National Parks, and private RV Resorts all over the country for overnight stays. These tend to be very popular so make reservations ahead of time.

Other Things That Consume Time

Road Conditions

Always add 25% to your scheduled driving time. Traffic, construction, and weather are just a few unplanned time consumers you will encounter. Schedules have to be fluid. Don’t plan to attend an event an hour after your estimated arrival time. Remember that a plan is only a plan so make sure that you pack in plenty of time for the unexpected.

Set Up Time

Parking and setting up an RV takes some time. The rig has to be maneuvered into place and setup. Unfurling a retractable canopy takes a few minutes. Figuring out hookups, getting a generator running, and just relaxing after driving for a few hours all take time. A typical RV setup usually takes from 20 minutes to an hour. A good RV Rental company like Suncoast will make sure that you understand how to setup your RV.  We even have videos available on our YouTube page to which you can refer.

Miscellaneous RV Tips For Your First RV Trip.

These are just some things you need to consider when planning your first RV trip. They are issues that you may not think of as you set the schedule for your first RV adventure.

Arrive early.

Set your departure time so you will arrive before 3:00 or 4:00 PM. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to park and set up a rig in the dark. Get there early, set up, and relax. The worst thing that can happen is that you have too much time to take it easy.

Have Alternate Plans.

Things go wrong. RV parks can be crazy busy. Mistakes happen. Know of a nearby location you can go to if there is a problem where you planned to set up camp. Know where there is a nearby RV park, State or National park with RV camping. The nice thing about an RV is it is livable just about anywhere.

We hope these RV Tips will help you plan your first RV trip. There are a million and one things that can pop up unexpectedly. If you schedule conservatively, those things will be minor impediments to your first successful Rental RV adventure. Most importantly, Have Fun!

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