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If you have a 2017 newer 36’ to 40’ diesel RV you could have all of the benefits of owning the RV AND additional income that offsets the cost of ownership.

If you own an RV that only gets used a couple of times a year, the time that it spends sitting may actually be causing damage. The systems in your RV need to be used so they can be monitored and repaired early before things get expensive.

This is where The Pros at Suncoast RV Rental can help! We have been offering a Managed Coach Service for 15 years that handles all of the work of maintaining and renting your RV so you can just enjoy it!

By renting your RV through Suncoast, your rig could become a revenue stream, instead of a beloved vacation tool that you don’t get to enjoy as much as you’d like. You could end up making enough on your rental to afford longer trips to far-flung spots. It won’t take many rentals to turn your rig from an expense to an investment!

Why It’s Hard to Rent Your RV on Your Own

If you’ve ever owned rental property, you have a decent idea about the work that goes into an RV rental. To do this on your own, you need to

  • market your RV
  • show the rig
  • check out potential renters and their driving records
  • create a pet policy
  • manage money
  • clean up the RV when you get it back, and
  • store the RV

You’ll also need to track miles and hours to make sure that you’re getting a good price for the wear and tear on your rig. Finally, you need to make sure the RV is completely stripped of your personal items every time you use it so you can rent it out again quickly.

There are services where you can list your RV, similar to AirBnB. These sites, however, are really just marketing services. You will still have all of the additional work cleaning, storing, and maintaining your RV on your own. Here at Suncoast RV, however, we have a better plan.

Think Bigger, Think Better

Renting your RV on your own will take a lot of work. In addition, you may find yourself in a situation where the customer’s payment bounces, the rig is damaged or stolen, or the driver is so inexperienced that you’re looking at big repair bills. To keep your private rental from turning into an expensive nightmare, consider renting your RV through Suncoast’s RV Rental Management Program.

Our Managed Coach Program will handle the entire rental process for you so all you have to do is collect checks and enjoy your RV. We vet potential renters through an application process before they can take your rig out and ensure payment. We handle the maintenance, cleaning, and storing of your RV so you truly have a hands-free option for offsetting the costs of RV ownership.

In addition, we have professional contracts and the ability to charge the customer for damage which may occur during their trip. Knowing that they are financially responsible for your RV’s care results in renters that take care of it like their own. Normal wear and tear over time, however, can occur, but most owners find that the benefits of the rental income far outweighs normal use wear and tear.

Additional Bonus of our RV Rental Management Program

One of the big challenges to owning an RV is storage. When your RV is a part of our Managed Coach Service, a free place to park your rig is just one of the many perks.

  • We make sure that your RV remains powered up so the batteries are in good shape when you want to take it out.
  • Your RV is stored in a secure lot to prevent theft.

In Summary

Renting out your RV will take some time on your part, but you can save yourself a lot of hassle and risk by working with a professional management service. Through the service, anyone who wants to rent your rig will be, and insured. Your RV won’t be sitting in your driveway or a storage unit powering down and drying out. It will be on the road in the hands of responsible renters until you can take it out again.

For more information on how to rent your RV with our Managed Coach Program, please click here!