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The outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has created an unforeseen health crisis in the US. With the CDC recommending self-isolation for elderly people, those with pre-existing medical conditions, or people experiencing symptoms, there are many that don’t know where or how to avoid the virus.

Many people are turning to RVing for self-isolating or necessary travel. As a complete home on wheels, RVs offer the perfect solution for staying safe if you can’t stay at home. And even if you can’t afford an RV, Suncoast RV Rental has economical options for all budgets. We also offer delivery and onsite setup if needed and all of the essentials including fresh linens and kitchen kits.

Concerns about RVing during the crisis

One concern about renting an RV during a pandemic is, of course, the cleanliness of the unit. Suncoast RV Rental has always provided the cleanest RVs in the industry. We are continuing to do everything that we can to be sure that each unit is properly sanitized based upon the CDC guidelines of disinfectants. Ensuring a clean and safe RV home for our guests is one of our most important missions.

Another concern is deciding where to go.  If you have sick or elderly family members, having an RV at your home gives you the ability to have a confined environment to ensure that contagions are spread.  If you are needing to get away from it all, unfortunately, many of the State and Federal Parks still have limited capacity so make sure to call ahead. Many private campgrounds, however, have remained open throughout to give RVers a safe haven away from the crowds. The Florida RV Trade Association has a list of private campgrounds in Florida.  If you are traveling out of state, call to confirm your arrangements before your departure.

RVing is also the perfect option for onsite responders or health facilities that need to house key personnel during outbreaks. Suncoast RV Rental is an approved federal government vendor.

To view our available RVs, please visit our rental page. If you have any questions, we are always here to help!