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RV Rentals have been a popular social-distancing choice for vacationers looking to travel safely. In the past, RVs were the mainstay of retirees, the rich, and those who are leaving “normal society” in favor of Van Life. After the coronavirus pandemic, RVs have become the perfect option for anyone who wants to travel but continue social distancing.

A new, drivable RV can be a serious investment, however. For occasional travelers or those without the additional income to afford purchasing their own, renting an RV has become the perfect option. Even those who feel like buying an RV have found that renting first gives them the opportunity to find out exactly what they need as far as size and floorplan.

Unfortunately, not all RV Rental companies are the same and it can be hard to determine the best course when renting.

A Google search will return the big-name RV rental companies that specialize in matching up privately owned RV owners with those looking to rent. Airbnb has shown that this is a great concept for renting vacation homes but not the best model for RVs. From safety considerations, to the age of the vehicle, a private renter does not have the same dedication to their customers as a RV Rental Company like Suncoast that owns their own fleet of new-model RVs.

Cleanliness is also a major consideration when choosing an RV Rental.

Suncoast RV Rental is a privately owned rental company that only rents new-model RVs. We are constantly adding to our fleet and selling the older models to ensure that our customers have the newest floorplans and safety features. In addition, we have partnered with a local company called RCP America that manufactures sanitizer and disinfectant company that specializes in products for detailing RVs.

Warren is applying a sanitizing fogger shown to kill COVID to all surfaces inside one of our rental RVs before the guests arrive.

When the pandemic hit, they sent their indoor fogging product to the lab to test its effectiveness.  According to CEO Michael Lamb, “It came back with great kill rates comparable with anything in the industry.” In fact, the product tested at a certified, EPA registered lab, will kill COVID-19. And when applied to a surface lasts for 24 hours.

Suncoast RV Rental thoroughly cleans and disinfects every rental RV before it leaves the lot with the RCP America product to ensure the cleanest RVs in the business. When you rent from Suncoast, you can be assured that every surface in the RV has been thoroughly sanitized to keep you and your family safe. Think of it as social distancing from germs as well!

Always check Google Reviews before renting an RV.

When searching for a rental RV online, it can be hard to determine which company is the best choice. Always check the Google reviews of the companies that you are considering to see what type of experiences previous renters have had. For example, even a quick perusal of Suncoast RV Rental’s reviews shows that the privately-owned rental company is truly focused on customer satisfaction. We purchase new RVs directly from the manufacturer and replace them every couple of years.

In addition to having the newest, cleanest RVs available to rent, our entire team makes sure that every guest is extremely satisfied with the entire rental process! The care which the Suncoast team takes can be seen in how often they are mentioned in the reviews as being incredibly helpful and informative. Even through hurricanes, and at all times of the day and night, our guests have the ability to text one of our amazing team with questions or help. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

What’s the next step?

After you have chosen the best RV Rental company for your needs, peruse the available RVs on their website to get an idea of what size and floorplan interests you. If you are still unsure, Suncoast has very knowledgeable rental agents that can help you determine which RV will fit your needs the best. Don’t be concerned about a high-pressure sales pitch; we want to make sure that you have an excellent experience and will give you all the information that you need to make the right decision for you and your family!

Give us a call today to explore the RV options for your next vacation!