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Congratulations on renting an RV! You’re about to embark on an adventure that can take you practically anywhere that your vehicle can go.

Perhaps you want to take a trip to somewhere warm. For example, spend a few days camping in Florida. Or you want to travel the highways of the U.S. in comfort. No more hotels or greasy spoons. Instead, you have the comforts of home in your rental.

Still, there are some things you need to know before you start your journey. Here are a few RV tips to help you take a safe and comfortable journey.

Check Out Your Rental

The most critical of the RV tips is to make sure the vehicle is thoroughly checked out well-ahead of your departure time. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere unable to get gas or oil. Nor do you want to have a high-speed tire blowout. Renting from a professional rental company like Suncoast instead of a private individual ensures that a full inspection has been performed and your RV is ready to hit the road.

There are times, however, when you may need to check the generator oil levels or the breakers. The power supply automatically shuts down if the oil or gas is at a quarter of a tank which can happen if you are boondocking and running the generator a lot during your trip.


Learn About Power Sources

Your RV rental has a strong battery. However, like a standard model used in a car, it and the generator run out of juice if excessively used when the engine is turned off. So, you need to find an outside power source. You also need to know how to connect it with your RV.

You’re in luck because locating your power cable and connecting to a power source are easy. The RV’s power hookup is found on the outside. Make sure you shut the vehicle’s breaker down and any power-draining equipment like the air conditioner. These can cause damage to all the components.

The other good news is you can find hookup stations at most RV campgrounds. For instance, if you’re RVing in Florida, look online for sites that include electric hookups in their site fees. It certainly saves your RV battery and generator from overtaxing themselves.

Check The Cooling/Heating System

Whether you visit Florida in the summer or Colorado in the winter, you want the RVs HVAC to work at its peak capacity. Any leaks in the AC system or problems with heating elements make for uncomfortable drives and sleeping arrangements.

Again, a professional rental agency like Suncoast will provide a full check on these elements. If you happen to have an issue while on the road, the rental agency will help you find a reputable company to help you while traveling.

Learn About Sewage Hookup And Evacuation

Your RV has a sewage tank built into its body. It stores bathroom waste during your journey. Yet, its capacity isn’t infinite. You’ll eventually need to empty the unit. Knowing how to evacuate the tanks is a very important skill to learn after renting an RV!

This is normally done at an RV campsite. They offer sewage hookups for two reasons. First, you can vacate the collected waste into their tanks. Second, for the time you’re at the camp you don’t have to fill up your reservoir. As long as you’re hooked to their system it acts like your home sewer.

Take It Slow When Driving and Learn your RV

Driving an RV is harder than a regular-sized car or even a minivan. It doesn’t matter its size, making turns, switching lanes, and parking are new challenges. Thus, you want to start slow. 

Don’t leave for your trip right out of the rental lot. Drive around your town to get an idea of how the vehicle handles. Practice turns and parking. If needed, see if there’s a local RV campsite in your area to figure out how to connect the sewer and power lines. Suncoast has an optional RV driving course that you can sign up for after renting an RV which will help you feel confident and ready to hit the road.

Learn everything you can about your RV rental ahead of time. that includes all of the driver controls, the kitchen equipment, pull-down beds, and expansion elements. By getting a handle on these before your trip can decrease frustration for everyone involved. Suncoast offers a full walk-thorugh when you are leaving on your trip so that you know how to work all the systems in your RV.

Have Fun

RVing is glamping at its most pure. Depending on what type of RV you get, your stays can be even better than those at home. To maximize the fun of this experience make sure you follow all the RV tips listed here.

If you have questions about renting an RV, give us a call, we are here to help!