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Experiencing America up close and personal is what cross-country travel is all about. A Rental RV will let your family experience the country like no other form of travel can. From the pristine beaches of The Sunshine State to the Crown of the Continent at Glacier National Park, traveling in an RV makes every point along the road a destination.

The Places You’ll Go.

These days, most of us travel by plane. While air travel is great for business or family emergencies, it is not a great bonding experience. Airports are an adventure, and the plane ride is a learning experience, but the country passes under us. We jump from here to there, but we don’t see anything along the way. As you pilot a Rental RV across the countryside, opportunities come up at every turn. Quaint towns, points of interest, even important historical markers are scattered across the county. They are invisible from a plane. They are new destinations in an RV.

Where Will You Stay?

If you are unfamiliar with RVing, you may worry about where you will camp. You may worry that you will be stuck out in the woods with only the food, water, and sewer facilities you carry with you. Sometimes that is the case. But, it is not a requirement. Boondocking is a common practice, usually reserved for experienced RVers. There are several hundred developed RV campgrounds in Florida. The United States is doted by over 10,000 privately owned , state park, and national park RV Campgrounds. Site facilities range from bare basics, power, and water to full resort-style amenities. Hotels tend to be in town. RV parks and campgrounds can be in town, out of town, and anywhere in between. The choice is yours.

How Will You Get There?

Suncoast RV Rental has a variety of units for your adventure. Modern RVs include just about every comfort of home. Heat, air conditioning, full kitchens, full bathrooms, and TVs are standard equipment in all of our RVs. The beauty of the RV is that you can pull off wherever, whenever, and be at home. Another concern for first-time RVers is driving such a large vehicle. You may be surprised how easy they are to pilot. If you have ever driven a moving truck, you can drive an RV. If you haven’t driven anything larger than a car, Suncoast provides instruction on driving the RV that you have rented. Patience is the key to safely handling an RV.

How Much Will Cross-Country Travel Cost?

If you have traveled at all in the past few years, you know the skyrocketing cost of vacationing. Plane tickets are off the charts. Nice hotels are out of reach of most of us. Forget about the price of rental cars. Daily, the price of renting an RV that will comfortably carry a family of four (or more) can cost less than a hotel room or two. Yes, you will have to buy gas. You can shop and cook your own food or hit a restaurant. Depending on the RV park or campground you select, daily fees can range from $0 to around $100. You will find that RVing will cost considerably less than a comparable, conventional vacation when you add it up.

Last Words on Cross-Country Travel in an RV

If you talk to anyone who RVs regularly, they will tell you its main attraction is freedom. Just about every choice is yours. When to go. When to stop. Where to go. Which direction. Which speed. When, where, and how are all up to you. No schedules are required. No plans are necessary. Rent an RV and just GO!