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If you have made the decision to rent an RV, you are in for a treat. But there are some important steps you need to take to secure your upcoming fun. Foremost among them may be the necessity to ensure the company you are renting from is reputable. You can do that by checking their rating on Google Reviews and on the Better Business Bureau website.

The reason for this research diligence is that the risks and rewards on an RV rental are a bit higher than for a regular car rental. RVs vary greatly, with combinations of features tailored for different experiences. You want a company with a documented record of working well with customers to provide for their specific needs. You will need a thorough introduction to your RV’s features and how to use them, and great customer support in case you need a question answered later – it happens!

Sharon helping a customer on the lot.

When you check providers on Google Reviews, check their Stars rating and the comments – the positive ones *and* the negative ones. Do they spring hidden charges on their customers? Do they deliver what they promise? Do they handle problems quickly and thoroughly? Their Better Business Bureau rating will reflect whether they have a history of meeting their commitments. Find one with great customer service – at pick-up time and during your rental period. You need 24/7 support available if you’re going to enjoy the Sunshine State’s many great offerings.

Karen answering a customer’s questions while they are setting up camp!

Keep in mind that if you decide to rent from a Peer-to-Peer rental company, you will not be able to use these powerful tools. Online booking companies like this are just a marketing platform for owners to rent their personal RVs. This is just one of the many reasons why we recommend renting from a reputable locally owned company that maintains and manages their RVs. (for more reasons why Peer-to-Peer rentals are risky, check out this article:

We thoroughly check every RV before it leaves the lot to make sure that you have a great experience! Here Joe is checking the temperature of the rooftop air conditioner.

Here at Suncoast RV Rental, we pride ourselves on our A+ Better Business Rating and our Google Reviews. We have almost 200 reviews and a 4.9-star rating – the best in the business!

We credit our great reputation to the following:

  • We have a broad selection of RVs from 23’ Class C’s to 35’ Class A’s or even 40’ Diesel Pushers!
  • Our RVs are purchased new directly from the manufacturer and rotated out frequently, so you are always renting a new model RV!
  • Cleanliness is of the highest priority! All of our RVs are sanitized and fogged with a product proven to kill COVID in independent laboratory testing. (Read more about it at:
  • We provide a thorough systems walk through of the RV so you know all the ins-and-outs!
  • We have an RV Driving Certification course available if needed!
  • Statewide delivery and setup is available for special events!
  • Support is available throughout your trip!

In addition, we feel like the Suncoast team is the best in business! When you choose Suncoast RV Rental, you are not just a renter, you are our guest!

Here are some recent google reviews:

Whether you are fleeing the cold or just getting away from it all, don’t risk your valuable escape time on a company that has disappointed lots of vacationers before. Your time is too valuable for a bad RV rental experience. Rigorously check the company and then take a confident dive into the RV life!

The Suncoast Dream Team!