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Most of the tourism in America took a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there is one industry that is profiting through the crisis. RV Travel is on the rise and RV companies are seeing a spike in sales and rentals. Instead of worrying about contracting COVID-19 in a hotel or on a plane, many people are renting an RV for pleasure.

The Numbers

RV rental bookings on some sites have seen a 1,000% increase since last Spring. As parks and beaches began to open up after the quarantine period last year, people began to book RV trips. Once thought to be an underdog in the travel world, RVs are now in high demand. RV share said that 80% of its renters were actually first-time renters. A surprising twist out of the rise of RV rentals was a rise in other markets. Sites began offering guests things like food trucks and small restaurants. A rise in “glamping” where people came to sites with upgraded appliances and electricity was seen throughout the world. These things happened when showrooms were closed. Appointments were forced over the phone. Despite the setbacks, RV rental and RV travel was skyrocketing.

The Why

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a rise in RV rentals due to front-line workers looking for temporary housing. As the restrictions lifted, many people saw an RV as a way to have a safe trip that still gave them freedom. They had been stuck in their home without any “fun.” This was a way for them to get outside and enjoy travel without fear.

The Future

A recent study by the US Travel Association states that almost 50 percent of travelers said they would like to travel by car when the pandemic slows down. About 40 percent of these people said they would choose a destination that is closer to home. These are good numbers for the RV world. The pandemic could have set a new precedent for RV travel. Many travelers see RV travel on the same level as renting a car to get to a vacation destination.

RV rentals may also show the world that long-term economic issues can be overcome. The pandemic wiped many people out, but buyers are showing confidence in the future. Buyers are seeing their personal finances rising, so they have hope they can come out on top. Experts believe they would not be seeing such positive numbers in RV rentals if people didn’t have this type of confidence in the world of travel and the economy.

How You Can Take Advantage of the RV Travel Trend

If you are looking for alternative ways to travel and still enjoy life while staying away from the usual crowds, renting an RV is the perfect solution. An RV gives you all of the luxuries of home while you can still be on-the-go, safe, and efficient.

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